Friday, November 26, 2010

Using The Law of Attraction with Sickness

As I write this blog, I am just getting over being sick for three days with a virus that was probably either a cold or the flu.  I was surprised when I got ill because I have been successful many times before in completely preventing a sickness that I felt coming on by using The Law of Attraction.  During the last few years, whenever I felt a cold coming on I would just tell myself adamantly that I was well and 100% healthy. This seemed to do the job most of the time.

I initially learned this trick not from The Law of Attraction, but rather from observations.  All my life, I watched my father consistently mentally "will" away sickness.  Whenever he would start to get ill he would just tell himself that he was okay and he usually would be.  I can remember only a handful of instances where he got sick.

Another observation I made while growing up was about myself.  Looking back on that period of my life,  I noticed that on multiple trips I became ill on the day of my vacation.  Each time I would go from feeling fine the day before to being sick the day of my trip.  Thinking back on each of those trips I could only find one consistent factor that was present each night before I went on vacation.  That one factor was worry.  I would spend the night before each trip packing and focusing on the little things to make sure my vacation the next day was perfect.  In my mind, part of having a perfect trip also meant not getting sick during the vacation.  Somewhere in my youth, I must have started worrying about not getting sick even though at the time I felt fine. The funny thing is that the more I worried about not getting sick, the more often I actually got sick.  Consequently, the more I got sick the more I worried.  It ended up being a vicious negative circle where the mind affects the body and then the symptoms of the body again affect the state of the mind with worry. This trend continues until it a new positive thought like perfect health breaks the cycle.  Don't get me wrong I was not a nervous person and I didn't worry that much during most of my life growing up, but I do remember worrying during certain times like the nights before I would go on vacation.  I had not yet learned about The Law of Attraction and didn't realize that my thoughts were attracting energy to make my focus a reality.  This trend continued in my life until the shear number of coincidences over the years made me stop and think to myself, "Could this just be a coincidence or could I be causing this sickness with my worrying mind?"  I decided that it was my mind that was causing this problem.  I then tested my theory during my next few vacations.  During these trips, I changed how I thought.  Instead of focusing on not getting sick, I focused on perfect health and I relaxed with the conviction that I would be fine.  Guess what?  I have not been sick on vacation since I started thinking this way.  Does the mind affect reality.  It does in my life and I bet it does in yours too.
Later when I learned about The Law of Attraction everything fell into place and made sense.  The Law of Attraction states that energy attracts like-type energy.  This means that if you think positive thoughts then you will attract positive things.  If you think negative thoughts you will attract negative things. The Law of Attraction does not understand negatives.  When I was worrying about not getting sick, The Law of Attraction interpreted this as "I want to be sick."  Whatever we focus on is what The Law of Attraction thinks we want. So when I changed my request to "I am 100% healthy" I became healthy because there is no way for the Law of Attraction to misinterpret that into something I don't want.  Therefore it sends me my good health. This approach has worked miracles for me.

How do you use The Law of Attraction? You ask for what you want.  Then you become a vibrational match to your desire by seeing, feeling, and believing what it feels like to have it here now.  If you can believe in something it can become a reality.  It's that simple to do but not that easy to master because that means you have to avoid the mental thoughts of the negative and often painful reality your are experiencing.

Let's get back to my story of  being sick and using The Law of Attraction to get better.  As I said I'd been sick during the last three days.  I initially tried to use The Law of Attraction to prevent the sickness from happening.  I told myself that I was well and that in the morning I would feel great.  For some unknown reason I still got sick this time.  Maybe my sickness was meant to happen so I would have material for this blog post.  The truth is that there is no need for me to ask why I got sick, we don't have all the answers of the Universe, but I still believe that no matter what happens to me I still have a mental say in how any event is played out in my life.  Initially I had a headache, runny nose, sore throat, exhaustion, and cough.  Even though I was suffering through this I constantly told myself that I was getting better and better and that I was going to be well soon.  It was a certainty in my mind.  This was difficult to do when I was in pain because it was contradictory to how I really felt at the time.  To cope I just took the mindset of being a survivor who was  patience and persistent while waiting for his perfect health to arrive.  I didn't know why I got sick or how long it was going to take to get better, but if it was possible I was going to influence the outcome with my mind and will to become well again faster than if I had just become a victim and thought about how sick I was feeling.

The first day of my illness my symptoms worsened and I was feeling awful but I believed that my frame of mind would determine how long this illness would be with me.  I keep thinking about my good health and how good it felt to have a lot of energy and feel good. The second day, amazingly I started to see my symptoms lesson. I was still exhausted and sick but I could feel the worst was over.  This gave me momentum to my thoughts.  I thought even more about my good health.  The third day, today, I am pretty much healed and I feel good enough to write this blog post. I feel that my mind frame helped me to heal much sooner than if I had not taken an active mental part in my recovery by using The Law of Attraction.

Some skeptics would say that I merely had a 36 hour flu or cold.  That's the great thing about The Law of Attraction. You can't really prove or disprove it's authenticity.  To me its not about proving skeptics wrong, but rather its about improving the quality of my life.  The Law of Attraction allows me to do that.  I use The Law of Attraction in all aspects of my life and then use the cumulative results in all of my life to show myself that it works.  With regards to this illness, who is to say that without positively using The Law of Attraction that I wouldn't have been sick for much longer than three days?  We'll never know because we can only live one reality at time but I choose to believe that I was able to positively influence my illness and I encourage you to do the same.

If you are attracted to bettering your life I suggest that you start using The Law of Attraction in your life and watch how good things start to happen to you. 

Until Next Time,

Joe Rapisarda