My New Book, Awaken Your Power!

Awaken Your Power!: The Secret of Life Revealed--How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality is available now at and

Awaken Your Power! teaches humanity how to create the life they want to live by teaching them to use their minds to influence the universal laws of nature in order to affect how energy manifests into reality.  If there is any part of your life you want to make better--this book is for you!

The universal laws are the missing rules to the game of life that we are all living.  By learning these rules you empower yourself to win this game and enable yourself to consciously create the life you want to live. 

How is this possible?  A full chapter is allocated in Awaken Your Power! explaining how modern science (Quantum Physics) shows supporting documentation that the mind is capable of influencing how sub atomic energy materializes into the sub atomic matter that makes up the atoms that, in turn, make up every physical thing we experience in our lives.

You were meant to be so much more than what you currently are; you were meant to be an empowered co-creator of your own reality! This book captures the essence of books like, The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, and so much more.

Whether you realize it or not, you've already been using your mind to create your reality your whole life.  Isn't it time to fully understand this power of mind over matter and begin to create exactly the life you want to live?

Using this knowledge, anything is possible to make your dreams come true.  It  is possible to find true love, heal from any disease, have perfect health, become successful and wealthy, and to become truly happy.  The only limits of what you can achieve are the believes you hold as to what is possible.

Awaken Your Power! is full of step-by-step processes of how you can use these laws to your advantage.  There is also a section that is dedicated to helping you make a 30 day personal transformation into someone who is able to create your physical future tomorrow through the thoughts you think today!

Awaken Your Power! available now at and

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