Friday, November 26, 2010

Using The Law of Attraction with Sickness

As I write this blog, I am just getting over being sick for three days with a virus that was probably either a cold or the flu.  I was surprised when I got ill because I have been successful many times before in completely preventing a sickness that I felt coming on by using The Law of Attraction.  During the last few years, whenever I felt a cold coming on I would just tell myself adamantly that I was well and 100% healthy. This seemed to do the job most of the time.

I initially learned this trick not from The Law of Attraction, but rather from observations.  All my life, I watched my father consistently mentally "will" away sickness.  Whenever he would start to get ill he would just tell himself that he was okay and he usually would be.  I can remember only a handful of instances where he got sick.

Another observation I made while growing up was about myself.  Looking back on that period of my life,  I noticed that on multiple trips I became ill on the day of my vacation.  Each time I would go from feeling fine the day before to being sick the day of my trip.  Thinking back on each of those trips I could only find one consistent factor that was present each night before I went on vacation.  That one factor was worry.  I would spend the night before each trip packing and focusing on the little things to make sure my vacation the next day was perfect.  In my mind, part of having a perfect trip also meant not getting sick during the vacation.  Somewhere in my youth, I must have started worrying about not getting sick even though at the time I felt fine. The funny thing is that the more I worried about not getting sick, the more often I actually got sick.  Consequently, the more I got sick the more I worried.  It ended up being a vicious negative circle where the mind affects the body and then the symptoms of the body again affect the state of the mind with worry. This trend continues until it a new positive thought like perfect health breaks the cycle.  Don't get me wrong I was not a nervous person and I didn't worry that much during most of my life growing up, but I do remember worrying during certain times like the nights before I would go on vacation.  I had not yet learned about The Law of Attraction and didn't realize that my thoughts were attracting energy to make my focus a reality.  This trend continued in my life until the shear number of coincidences over the years made me stop and think to myself, "Could this just be a coincidence or could I be causing this sickness with my worrying mind?"  I decided that it was my mind that was causing this problem.  I then tested my theory during my next few vacations.  During these trips, I changed how I thought.  Instead of focusing on not getting sick, I focused on perfect health and I relaxed with the conviction that I would be fine.  Guess what?  I have not been sick on vacation since I started thinking this way.  Does the mind affect reality.  It does in my life and I bet it does in yours too.
Later when I learned about The Law of Attraction everything fell into place and made sense.  The Law of Attraction states that energy attracts like-type energy.  This means that if you think positive thoughts then you will attract positive things.  If you think negative thoughts you will attract negative things. The Law of Attraction does not understand negatives.  When I was worrying about not getting sick, The Law of Attraction interpreted this as "I want to be sick."  Whatever we focus on is what The Law of Attraction thinks we want. So when I changed my request to "I am 100% healthy" I became healthy because there is no way for the Law of Attraction to misinterpret that into something I don't want.  Therefore it sends me my good health. This approach has worked miracles for me.

How do you use The Law of Attraction? You ask for what you want.  Then you become a vibrational match to your desire by seeing, feeling, and believing what it feels like to have it here now.  If you can believe in something it can become a reality.  It's that simple to do but not that easy to master because that means you have to avoid the mental thoughts of the negative and often painful reality your are experiencing.

Let's get back to my story of  being sick and using The Law of Attraction to get better.  As I said I'd been sick during the last three days.  I initially tried to use The Law of Attraction to prevent the sickness from happening.  I told myself that I was well and that in the morning I would feel great.  For some unknown reason I still got sick this time.  Maybe my sickness was meant to happen so I would have material for this blog post.  The truth is that there is no need for me to ask why I got sick, we don't have all the answers of the Universe, but I still believe that no matter what happens to me I still have a mental say in how any event is played out in my life.  Initially I had a headache, runny nose, sore throat, exhaustion, and cough.  Even though I was suffering through this I constantly told myself that I was getting better and better and that I was going to be well soon.  It was a certainty in my mind.  This was difficult to do when I was in pain because it was contradictory to how I really felt at the time.  To cope I just took the mindset of being a survivor who was  patience and persistent while waiting for his perfect health to arrive.  I didn't know why I got sick or how long it was going to take to get better, but if it was possible I was going to influence the outcome with my mind and will to become well again faster than if I had just become a victim and thought about how sick I was feeling.

The first day of my illness my symptoms worsened and I was feeling awful but I believed that my frame of mind would determine how long this illness would be with me.  I keep thinking about my good health and how good it felt to have a lot of energy and feel good. The second day, amazingly I started to see my symptoms lesson. I was still exhausted and sick but I could feel the worst was over.  This gave me momentum to my thoughts.  I thought even more about my good health.  The third day, today, I am pretty much healed and I feel good enough to write this blog post. I feel that my mind frame helped me to heal much sooner than if I had not taken an active mental part in my recovery by using The Law of Attraction.

Some skeptics would say that I merely had a 36 hour flu or cold.  That's the great thing about The Law of Attraction. You can't really prove or disprove it's authenticity.  To me its not about proving skeptics wrong, but rather its about improving the quality of my life.  The Law of Attraction allows me to do that.  I use The Law of Attraction in all aspects of my life and then use the cumulative results in all of my life to show myself that it works.  With regards to this illness, who is to say that without positively using The Law of Attraction that I wouldn't have been sick for much longer than three days?  We'll never know because we can only live one reality at time but I choose to believe that I was able to positively influence my illness and I encourage you to do the same.

If you are attracted to bettering your life I suggest that you start using The Law of Attraction in your life and watch how good things start to happen to you. 

Until Next Time,

Joe Rapisarda

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Minors Rescue: The Power of Prayer and Thought Creates a Miracle.

We recently witness a modern day miracle when 33 miners we rescued after being trapped more than 2,000 feet down in a mine in Chile for an amazing 69 days.

When the miners first became trapped their chances of survival were next to nonexistent.  Many people had considered them as good as dead.  Still the miners prevailed with their persistent hope and faith while enduring very challenging conditions, and patiently wait for over two months before they would eventually be rescued.

During this time, the whole world watched and prayed for them.  I know I said a silent prayer asking the Archangel Michael to go to and help them.  I know much of the world did too.  I believe that this collective thought and prayer, as well as the miner's own will to live, are what ultimately created this modern day miracle.

In the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, there is a chapter about The Power of the Mastermind.  In this chapter,  it discusses the amazing power of group thinking.  This power can be used to create new technology, grow a business, or even create a miracle for a group of miners in Chile.

In my blog about Prayer, Meditation, and Creative Thinking, I discussed how the power of thought and prayer can add energy to the manifestation of our desires.

You see the future is never set.  It is always just a set of probabilities waiting for one or more conscious minds to focus on it and create a physical reality.  When many of the minds on our planet and the Universe were focused on helping these miners survive their ordeal, a miracle was created.

For those who are not spiritual, I will explain in scientific terms using quantum physics principles.  In this case, many minds of this world worked together to influence the subatomic waves of energy into forming subatomic particles (matter) in the form of the physical miracle we just witnessed.  This is how The Law of Attraction works.

Once the world realizes how to use The Law of Attraction, we will see that miracles can become an every day event.  It is merely a matter of focusing enough conscious energy on a desired outcome.

It is interesting to note that this is why in sporting events that the home team usually has an advantage.  It is because most of the people at the game are consciously rooting for the home team.  This focused thought adds to momentum that the home team is able to translate into an advantage.

So in summary, the collective consciousness of the miners and the world was able to desire and see the eventual safe rescue of the miners.  This eventually attracted this successful outcome to the miners.

So the next time you see someone in need, take a minute and pray for them or just wish them good things.  You may just be saving their life, and in the process you will be bringing good energy back to yourself for your own future.

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Until next time,

Joe Rapisarda
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What It Means to be Grounded, Centered, or Present.

What Does It Mean to Be Grounded, Centered, or Present?

I struggled with this for many years as my spiritual teachers often told me that I need to be more grounded but they never told me what that meant. 

After years of wondering what this meant, it finally came to me.  Being grounded, centered, or present means being focused in the moment that is Now.

All too often, I was mentally off somewhere else preparing my future, but I this left me seemingly unconscious of what was really happening in any given moment.  Of course, I was able to go to work and do my daily tasks, but by not being grounded, I often was not able to really focus on how I was feeling at any given moment or to appreciate the beauty of it.  I was living life on auto pilot, and consequently was literally unable to smell the roses that were in front of me.

I have since learned that life is about balance.  There is nothing wrong with having your head in the clouds while you are trying to mentally create the future, but it is also important to come back down to earth often and to be present and aware of what each moment brings. 

So now I spend part of each day focused on my future, but I take frequent breaks to focus on how I feel and appreciate whatever is happening right now.

Appreciating the moment can be enjoying a smile on your child’s face.  It can be enjoying the lush diversity of colors in the garden.  It can be breathing in fresh air outside.  It can also be listening to how you are feeling or what your body is trying to tell you. Many of strokes and heart attacks could have been prevented by simply paying attention to how the body feels at any given point in time.  

By being grounded and focused on the present, you can also cure anxiety by avoiding the regrets of the past or the worry of possible future outcomes.  In the "now" moment you can change how you think to change how you feel.  

What does it mean to you?  Please share in the comments below how you use grounding in your daily life.  

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Prayer, Meditation, and Creative Thinking

Today, while looking through Facebook I saw quite a few people who were asking for prayer for themselves or family members that were experiencing some type of crisis.  It seems that we all need help at one time or another.

I remember years ago, even though I believed in God, I felt that prayer was a waste of time. I felt that life was going to be whatever it was going to be and we didn't really have a say in our own or other's future.  Basically, at that time, I didn't feel we had the ability to change our lives, and I felt that if God was going to save us then he would do it regardless of whether or not we asked for his help. I guess at that time I just believed that fate was inevitable.

I have since changed my opinion 180 degrees on this matter.  Since I have learned about universal energy and the Law of Attraction, I now understand that prayer, creative thought, or meditation all greatly influence the outcome the events in our lives because they add focused mental energy to possibility of a desired outcome.  I now believe that fate is never assured and life is just one set of probablities waiting to happen.  It is our choices that determine the reality of events that happen to us.

What is Prayer?  Prayer is the act of asking for something from God or to the Universe.

What is Meditation?  Meditation is the act of listening to God, the Universe, the Superconscious, or your Higher Self, for wisdom, advice or knowledge.

What is Creative Thought? Creative thought is focusing specific thoughts on desired outcome.  This is the Law of Attraction at work.

Let me explain further, energy is made up of everything and everyone.  Our thoughts are also energy.  We can control our thoughts so we can control this energy.  When we focus our thoughts on a desired outcome we can effectively create with this energy by using our minds.  When many people get together to focus their prayers or thoughts the effect is amazing. 

I remember hearing a story of a group that went to the highest crime rate cities around the world and sat and meditated or prayed for peace and love for one month in each city.  The results were amazing! Crime statistics later showed that in each of those cities the crime rates had reduced significantly in each city after the groups had prayed for 30 days.  This is the power of concentrated group mental focus.

So it doesn't matter if we pray, meditate, or think creatively; when we do we add energy to outcome that we desire. The more people who join the mental focus the more power the energy has to manifest.

Also for those of you who believe in angels, they are there ready to help anyone who needs them, but they usually will not respond without an invitation to do so.  That's how it works, so ask for a miracle and you just might get one.

Until next time,

Joe Rapisarda
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Spiritual Awakening

I consider myself a normal person who has, over a number of years and many life experiences become spiritually awakened.

In my early thirties, my life began to change.  First, for some unknown reason, I became very interested in spirituality and energy.  I did not know why but I began to read every book I could find on the subject and still do so today.  Then I got into martial arts which led me to learn Qigong, which is the balancing of unseen energy throughout the body.  This energy is called Qi (Chee).  I learned that this energy is in everything in our existence including ourselves.

In my search for knowledge, I also learned that there are natural Universal Laws that govern our lives regardless of whether or not we know of them or believe in them.  These laws can help our lives to flourish, or if we go against them they can bring misery to our lives.  Either way, it is our own free will that determines how these laws affect us.

The next few years of my life were filled with a series of unexplained personal crisis’s that I now see in hindsight were opportunities that allowed me to learn how to manifest this knowledge into my own life. 

These opportunities also allowed me to become spiritually awakened to the truth.  I learned that spirituality is about consciousness and subconsciousness, as well as energy and quantum physics. It is also involved in Eastern medicine and also in religions, and yet it is still a subject unto itself.  In the end, spirituality is about you getting in touch with much larger part of yourself.  This larger part of yourself is commonly called your “higher self” and when you become connected to it you can become empowered to create the life you desire.

When we connect to this larger part of ourselves we have the capability to create our future physical reality by consciously controlling this energy with our minds.  Our thoughts control how this energy manifests into physical form and our emotions are our guide to the direction of the future we are creating.  The amazing thing is that most people have unknowingly, for better or worse, already been creating their own reality with this energy their entire lives. Most people don’t realize that the repetitive thoughts in their heads actually do have an impact on their lives.  If they did they would be more selective about the thoughts they chose for themselves.

It is my wish to share this knowledge with you so that you can learn to empower your life and create the type of life you desire. 

We are all on the same journey of discovering the truth.  Some of us are at different points of the journey.  This means that not everyone is ready yet for this information.  For those who are attracted to it, it is here for them now.  For the rest, this info will be here waiting for them when they are ready.

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Until Next Time,

Joe Rapisarda
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mind, Body, and Spirit

I grew up a Catholic.  We always heard about the Holy Trinity of God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.  I understood  that all three were God without really understanding what they really were or how they worked together.  Now that I am older I no longer follow any organized religion, but I have become deeply spiritual.   I have learned that it is up to us to listen to our intuition to find what is right and wrong for ourselves in our lives.  I've learned that the spiritual journey is one that travels within rather than to some far off magical place outside of ourselves.

In my search for personal truth, I have found that there is another trinity within us all.  It is the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The basic premise is that we are all spiritual beings on an earthly experience.  Our bodies are the temporary vessels that house our souls for a limited period of time.  Our Mind is the consciousness that allows us to think for ourselves and make decisions that affect our lives.  The Spirit is the eternal part of us that is also a part of God.  The Spirit in us is all knowing and all powerful.  When we learn to get in touch with the Spirit we can create miracles in our lives.

Most people on Earth never learn how to get in touch with their Spirit to empower their lives.  The secret to doing that is obtaining balance in all aspect of life.  Balance is especially necessary between the three factors of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Balance of the body means having a healthy body that is free from disease. This can be done by eating a proper diet of good organic foods and spring water.  Lifestyle is also important.  When life is lived out of balance it uses the body's energy and can cause disease.  When the body is healthy, the spiritual centers of the body called Chakras are capable of being healthy and fully functioning.  Chakras can be developed by living a balanced lifestyle and through meditation.

Balance of the Mind means being in control of our mental thoughts and emotions.  All disease is caused by spiritual imbalances and usually from emotions that are out of balance .  When emotions such frustration and anger that come from stress go on for long periods of time they usually manifest in diseases.  Diseases are the body's way of telling us that it needs a change of behavior from you in order to regain its health.  When you take control of your thoughts and emotions you become able to control how your live your life.  No longer are you affected by the actions of others even if those actions affect you.  You understand that life can sometimes happen to you but you always have control over how you react.  Your reaction determines the reality of the life you live.  

When the Mind and Body are in sync they are able to get in touch with the Spirit.  This is done through being silent and listening to how you feel.  This is your intuition.  Your spirit communicates to you through your intuition.  Over time, if you listen to your intuition you will learn to trust it and know that it will never lie to you.  It always knows what is best for you.  When you are in contact with how you feel, you are in contact with your Spirit.  When you are in contact with your Spirit you are able to live an amazing life.  The opportunities to you are endless.  You can create anything you desire, heal from sickness, or just find the peace and happiness that you have been seeking.

So in closing, when the Mind, Body, and Spirit are all balanced and connected in a healthy way, we are able to become empowered beings that can create the lives we desire. 

Until then,