Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mind, Body, and Spirit

I grew up a Catholic.  We always heard about the Holy Trinity of God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ.  I understood  that all three were God without really understanding what they really were or how they worked together.  Now that I am older I no longer follow any organized religion, but I have become deeply spiritual.   I have learned that it is up to us to listen to our intuition to find what is right and wrong for ourselves in our lives.  I've learned that the spiritual journey is one that travels within rather than to some far off magical place outside of ourselves.

In my search for personal truth, I have found that there is another trinity within us all.  It is the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The basic premise is that we are all spiritual beings on an earthly experience.  Our bodies are the temporary vessels that house our souls for a limited period of time.  Our Mind is the consciousness that allows us to think for ourselves and make decisions that affect our lives.  The Spirit is the eternal part of us that is also a part of God.  The Spirit in us is all knowing and all powerful.  When we learn to get in touch with the Spirit we can create miracles in our lives.

Most people on Earth never learn how to get in touch with their Spirit to empower their lives.  The secret to doing that is obtaining balance in all aspect of life.  Balance is especially necessary between the three factors of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Balance of the body means having a healthy body that is free from disease. This can be done by eating a proper diet of good organic foods and spring water.  Lifestyle is also important.  When life is lived out of balance it uses the body's energy and can cause disease.  When the body is healthy, the spiritual centers of the body called Chakras are capable of being healthy and fully functioning.  Chakras can be developed by living a balanced lifestyle and through meditation.

Balance of the Mind means being in control of our mental thoughts and emotions.  All disease is caused by spiritual imbalances and usually from emotions that are out of balance .  When emotions such frustration and anger that come from stress go on for long periods of time they usually manifest in diseases.  Diseases are the body's way of telling us that it needs a change of behavior from you in order to regain its health.  When you take control of your thoughts and emotions you become able to control how your live your life.  No longer are you affected by the actions of others even if those actions affect you.  You understand that life can sometimes happen to you but you always have control over how you react.  Your reaction determines the reality of the life you live.  

When the Mind and Body are in sync they are able to get in touch with the Spirit.  This is done through being silent and listening to how you feel.  This is your intuition.  Your spirit communicates to you through your intuition.  Over time, if you listen to your intuition you will learn to trust it and know that it will never lie to you.  It always knows what is best for you.  When you are in contact with how you feel, you are in contact with your Spirit.  When you are in contact with your Spirit you are able to live an amazing life.  The opportunities to you are endless.  You can create anything you desire, heal from sickness, or just find the peace and happiness that you have been seeking.

So in closing, when the Mind, Body, and Spirit are all balanced and connected in a healthy way, we are able to become empowered beings that can create the lives we desire. 

Until then,