Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Minors Rescue: The Power of Prayer and Thought Creates a Miracle.

We recently witness a modern day miracle when 33 miners we rescued after being trapped more than 2,000 feet down in a mine in Chile for an amazing 69 days.

When the miners first became trapped their chances of survival were next to nonexistent.  Many people had considered them as good as dead.  Still the miners prevailed with their persistent hope and faith while enduring very challenging conditions, and patiently wait for over two months before they would eventually be rescued.

During this time, the whole world watched and prayed for them.  I know I said a silent prayer asking the Archangel Michael to go to and help them.  I know much of the world did too.  I believe that this collective thought and prayer, as well as the miner's own will to live, are what ultimately created this modern day miracle.

In the book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, there is a chapter about The Power of the Mastermind.  In this chapter,  it discusses the amazing power of group thinking.  This power can be used to create new technology, grow a business, or even create a miracle for a group of miners in Chile.

In my blog about Prayer, Meditation, and Creative Thinking, I discussed how the power of thought and prayer can add energy to the manifestation of our desires.

You see the future is never set.  It is always just a set of probabilities waiting for one or more conscious minds to focus on it and create a physical reality.  When many of the minds on our planet and the Universe were focused on helping these miners survive their ordeal, a miracle was created.

For those who are not spiritual, I will explain in scientific terms using quantum physics principles.  In this case, many minds of this world worked together to influence the subatomic waves of energy into forming subatomic particles (matter) in the form of the physical miracle we just witnessed.  This is how The Law of Attraction works.

Once the world realizes how to use The Law of Attraction, we will see that miracles can become an every day event.  It is merely a matter of focusing enough conscious energy on a desired outcome.

It is interesting to note that this is why in sporting events that the home team usually has an advantage.  It is because most of the people at the game are consciously rooting for the home team.  This focused thought adds to momentum that the home team is able to translate into an advantage.

So in summary, the collective consciousness of the miners and the world was able to desire and see the eventual safe rescue of the miners.  This eventually attracted this successful outcome to the miners.

So the next time you see someone in need, take a minute and pray for them or just wish them good things.  You may just be saving their life, and in the process you will be bringing good energy back to yourself for your own future.

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  1. You have odd views that are far from scientific.
    It's much more likely that home teams win more often because of familiarity of the field/court/arena, etc... as well as the players' desire to please their own fans. Much like how I tried a little harder in little league when all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins came to watch me. If you have a whole team trying a bit harder, you win more. There's no magic energy... just like there's no ESP, teleknesis, or dead-speaking psychics or fortune tellers. I wish we'd grow out of our desire for magic to be real.
    Also, if the power of many prayers influence miracles then it stands to reason that there are no miracles if people don't will them to exist. How do you explain miracles where a bomb goes off in a crowded street and one person 'miraculously' survives because they happened to be bending over to tie their shoe behind a mailbox that moment? They didn't have a million people praying for their safe passage through town, yet they got their miracle. And then how do you explain occassions where millions of people DO pray for a miracle and none comes?

  2. Thank you for your comment. I welcome all opinions. Yes, my blog is my opinion based on what I believe in the world and yours is based on what you believe. It is up to each person to decide what they believe for themselves. My blog is meant to get people to think for themselves.

    I would like to address the point you made in your comment. With regards to your comment that the players are playing harder because they are in front of their home team, who is to say that the home team members playing harder isn't part of the manifested energy of the crowd as a whole. That is what I meant by saying the crowd's energy adds to the momentum of the home team winning the game.

    I realize that everything about energy is very debatable and easily discredited by skeptics. That is okay with me. Just because others don't believe it doesn't make it not true. You either choose to believe it or you don't. That is your choice.

    Addressing your second question about ESP, teleknesis and such, just because you or I are not experiencing them in our life doesn't mean they are not possible or not happening for some people. I believe the human mind is capable of all those things and more but most of us have not yet learned how to make it work.

    These principles exist with or without our believe in them, but to make them work ourselves we or some other being needs to make to mentally make them work.

    The word magic may throw people off. It's not really magic as much as it is simply using certain forgotten laws of the universe, such as The Law of Attraction, with our minds. Everyone has the ability to use them but most people either don't know about these laws or choose not to believe in them.

    Your last comment about why some people get killed and others some how survive by a miracle is a great question. There are many things in life that often cannot be explained. In these cases I think it is because of accurred Karma or a preplanned life experiences that these people were meant to experience in this life for reasons of growth or to restore balance.

    Personally, I feel that we cannot always control what happens to us, but most of the time we can control the outcome of the events that happen to us by how we react to those events. We never know when our time on this earth is going to be up. I don't know about you, but if I were stuck over 2,000 feet down for over two months, I would choose to believe in miracles.

    Thank you for you comments. I respect your opinions and hope you respect mine.