Friday, April 29, 2011

Oneness in a World of Duality

The whole world is made up of the same energy. Einstein proved this with his famous formula E=mc2.  This formula shows that both energy and matter are the same things only in different forms.  If everything is made up of energy then everything is also connected to the same source.  In spiritual terms, God is this energy.  He is us and we are him.  This is oneness.  So the next time you interact with a plant, animal, person, or anything else in our existence try seeing it as a loved family member because we are all made up same energy and all connected together.
Duality was created when the Source (God) decided that he wanted to experience himself in new ways.  To do this, the Source split itself into two halves and then into individual pieces.   These pieces include everything in the world that is different from the Source.  This includes our universe and everything in it as well as our individual souls and bodies. 

Yin & Yang
The reason for this duality is to create contrast in life so that one thing can be compared to another so that both things can be more fully understood and appreciated.  At first there was only light and then darkness was created.  Think about it, when there is only light can you really know what light is if you have never seen anything other light?  Only when you experience darkness can you really appreciate and know what light is.  The same goes with love and hate.  If you only knew love can you really appreciate it?  When you experience hate you are able understand and appreciate love so much deeper than before because hate shows you the polar opposite of love.  This is called polarity.  Everything in a duality world is made up two halves that contrast each other. These two halves work to make the whole.  Each half is needed for the other half to be known. Every sunrise needs a sunset.  This duality is often called Yin & Yang. 
Applying this information to the world today we see that there are a lot of good and bad things happening.  There are people who are practicing great love and compassion while at the same time others participating in wars and actions that are the opposite of love. 
Our existence in this world is one of duality and it will likely always be this way because it is the contrast between good and bad, light and dark, and love and hate, that allows us to grow in our knowledge and understanding of everything in our existence.  That is our reason for existence – to experience and create new things. 
Living a world of duality it is up to each of us on an individual basis to choose for ourselves which parts of duality we want to have in our lives.  If we choose negative thoughts, words, and actions then through the Law of Attraction we will be creating our own future with those things in it.  If we, instead, focus on oneness, we can choose to see the world as being connected and choose loving and compassionate things in our lives to create a reality for ourselves that reflects those things.  You see, along with the Source (God), we are the creators of our own lives through our thoughts, words, and actions. 
When you see the world as oneness while living in a world of duality you have taken the first step in transforming yourself into the powerful creator that you are.  Merging oneness with duality is the evolution of our being.  No longer are we controlled by the events in our lives. Now we have become aware of our true essence and become empowered to know that we can create the things in life we wish to create.
How does this information feel to you? 

Joe Rapisarda

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