Saturday, November 12, 2011

Awaken Your Power! Available Now!

My book, Awaken Your Power is now available at Awaken Your Power!: The Secret of Life Revealed--How Your Thoughts Create Your Reality is available now at and I'm still ironing out some marketing issues but it appears that the book is ready for sale. Due to the rush to buy this book, Amazon is currently out of stock of the paperback copies but Balboa Press had them in stock.

Kindle Version and both have Kindle versions ready for purchase. The cost is $9.99. Balboa has the price incorrectly listed at $3.99 and is in the process of changing it. I had the opportunity to purchase the Kindle version and see that in order for it to be in a large enough font to be readable it distorts with the formatting of some of the titles. Other than having the formatting look a little unprofessional at times it does not hinder the experience when reading the book. I am in the process of talking it over with the publisher, Balboa Press, but if I have to choose, I will choose a readable font with out of alignment titles vs perfect formatting with text that is too small to read.  I hope the reader will understand.

I am quickly learning that there are many phases to writing a book.  Planning to write the book, writing the book, editing the book, publishing the book, and marketing the book.  Each phase is full of challenges and obstacles.  Even though it is challenging, it is also very interesting to learn and a great overall life experience.
If and when I decide to write another book, I will be much better prepared and able to be infinitely more efficient.

Here is a quick link to buy directly from Amazon.

-Joe Rapisarda

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