Monday, March 28, 2011

Intuition: A Change from Logic to Heart Based Feeling

In my last post, Are These Earthquakes and Tsunamis the Beginning of 2012?, I talked about how we are presently going through a "Shift" or change where one era is ending (The Age of Pisces) and a new Era is beginning (The Age of Aquarius).  This new age is changing the world in many ways.

During this time many of the old ways of doing things will end and new ways will emerge.

One of these new ways is a change in the way many of us view the world. Currently most people use logic to make decisions.  This is often called intellectualizing.  The problem with intellectualizing is that it often does not allow us to use one of our greatest abilities, which is our intuition.

Our intuition, which is felt in the heart, gives us the ability to feel what is right or wrong in any given situation. When we "feel" the truth of all the thoughts, emotions, words, and actions we experience,  we are able to decide what is in the best interest of ourselves and others.

In the past, we made decisions based on logic without intuition.  The problem with logic is that it can be twisted to hide the truth.  Let's say growing up, you were around people who said it was okay and socially acceptable to hunt animals.  Deep down inside you may have felt this was somehow wrong and not for you.  Using only logic, you might be able to justify this action by subduing your feelings, and deciding that if everyone is doing it then it must be okay to do.  Unfortunately, when we only use logic we often ignore our intuition.  When you listen to your intuition you understand that what is right or wrong based on how you feel rather than what you think.  

Remember to think with logic but decide with intuition because your intuition will never lie to you.  It will always tell you the truth based on how it makes you feel.

When enough people on the planet Earth begin to regularly use their intuition when making decisions, the world will experience a change or shift in consciousness that will transform our reality.  Think about it, if everyone started feeling, instead of thinking, about how what they think, feel, and do affects others, then we will all start being more considerate of each other and the world will be a better place.

As I said in my last blog, the old era is about thinking and being selfish.  This new era is about feeling and Oneness.  It is about the world becoming aware that we are all one and that the energies we give out in our thoughts, words, and actions actually come back to us to create the reality we experience.  By becoming aware of how we feel, we will become aware of the energy we are choosing for ourselves.

How will this change happen?  Although it  is currently happening on a widespread scale, it is also happening internally one person at a time.  This change will begin to become apparent when enough people have chosen to start focusing on themselves to be the best person they can be.  Once enough people start to do this it will start a chain reaction and the world as we know it will transform into a much better place for everyone to live.

The singer Michael Jackson gave us a great example to do this in his song, "The Man in the Mirror".

"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change."

(These are partial lyrics)

In these lyrics Michael Jackson means that this change starts with each of  us doing our job to change ourself which collectively will change the world.  So instead of focusing on what others can do to be better, focus on what you can do better.

So the next time you have to make a decision, use your mind to think, but use your intuition to decide if that thought, word, or action "feels" right to you.  

When you feel the truth in things you allow yourself to align with things that feel good to you.  This in turn allows you to do things that will bring positive energy back to your life, which in turn will create a more positive reality for you to experience.  You see the energy you give out to others always comes back to you.  

Joe Rapisarda

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